Help Vishal

April 3, 2009 by Tejas Lagad   comments (0)

Vishal Mehta, cancer, bone marrow transplant, National Marrow Donor Registry, NMDP


Vishal Mehta, SPCE alumnus from the 2000 batch of Electrical Engineering, now based in Philadelphia, has been diagnosed with blood cancer.


Doctors have suggested a bone marrow transplant. Transplants work best when there is a family member who is a well-matched donor. Unfortunately, Vishal lost his parents at a very young age and he doesn’t have any siblings. Therefore, he has to depend on a donor outside his family. However, finding a match is very difficult and rare. To add to that a very small percentage of South Asians (Indians, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans and Bangladeshis) are registered to be marrow donors. South Asians comprise approximately only 1% of the National Marrow Donor Registry.


It’d be great if some of you based out of US can register with the National Marrow Donor Program. It is a very simple and painless process.  You only need to give a swab of cheek cells for testing and the time required for the entire process is 15 minutes or less. Your tissue type is then added to the registry.


NMDP (National Marrow Donor Program) is conducting this drive at multiple locations. Click on the link specified below and key in your ZIP code to find a location nearer to you.


A few other classmates are trying to see if a donor camp can be organized in Mumbai. More at


I urge you to help and also spread the word.